UNITEN Smart University is a living lab that translate Smart City concept within UNITEN community based 6 Smart Pillars namely Smart Energy Management, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Education, Smart Mobility, Smart Connectivity and Smart Access and Security. This includes a call for Innovation Collaboration that welcomes submissions of prototypes in a form of mobile app, systems or products. Prototypes here mean pre-commercialization  products that are yet ready for the market and needs more proof-of-concept testing and verification. These prototypes can be placed and deployed in UNITEN campus that resembles real world conditions with UNITEN population of approximately 8000-10000 people, enough to help verify the functionality of the prototypes before they enter the community later.

Troy ICT Malaysia is proud to be selected as one of the innovation companies for UNITEN Smart University. We will collaborate with UNITEN researchers to implement a customized version of our own Internet of Things (IoT) product; LocSense to track their campus buses and student mobility in and out of UNITEN campuses.